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  • rosesandra-Avatar rosesandra 20.04.2018
    Delta Del Ebro Map 15 v2.0 (Fi ... (3)

    Delta Del Ebro Map 15 v2.0 (Final) for FS 15

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    Farm Lindenthal Map v4.0 for F ... (3)

    Farm Lindenthal Map v4.0 for FS 15

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    Better Graphics Mod v1.0 by Ge ... (1)

    Better Graphics Mod v1.0 by GermanWarrior for FS 15

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    Better Graphics Mod v1.3 by Ge ... (1)

    Better Graphics Mod v1.3 by GermanWarrior for FS 15

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  • FarmerboyDaren-Avatar FarmerboyDaren 13.04.2018
    Lizard Trucks Pack v1.1 for FS ... (2)

    Lizard Trucks Pack v1.1 for FS 15

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  • josephmerry-Avatar josephmerry 12.04.2018
    Stappenbach Map v2.0 for FS 15 (3)

    Stappenbach Map v2.0 for FS 15

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    GTD1 Map v1.0 for FS 15 (2)

    GTD1 Map v1.0 for FS 15

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    Suedhemmern Map v11 for FS 15 (3)

    Suedhemmern Map v11 for FS 15

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  • Lenaross-Avatar Lenaross 10.04.2018
    Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht ... (1)

    Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15

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    Old Streams Map v1.0.1 for FS ... (2)

    Old Streams Map v1.0.1 for FS 15

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Do you like the new Farming Simulator 15?

» » » Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15

Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15

Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15


Welcome to People's Hill!

Folk Hill V1.3 Standard:
The following fruits away:
Oats, rye, sunflower and clover.
This less fruits are registered on the Map and
it should now be possible to use the Apple Mod or similar mods!
Otherwise, nothing has changed.
As always, please all enclosed mods in the mod folder copy,
existing override.

Folk Hill V1.3 Multifrucht:
Fixed seed storage on the farm
Pickled seed which has been incorporated, can now also be removed again.

Hall turned the composting plant
Now turntable can be easily loaded.

In the sugar factory can now buy fertilizer, seeds and lime.
Works like the DS factory, only the price is normal.
Likewise, spreaders and sprayers can be filled here.

Miststreuer can be re-used for spreading compost.
But please keep in mind that the consumption is higher,
than when using a fertilizer spreader!

Some PDA icons removed / fixed

!! It must be started not making the score when
you have previously played the V1.2 !!

Please replace all existing mods with those which accompany the map,!

Optional mods:

Transport of manure to manure storage:


Zunhammer milk / water trailer:

Matching trailer to transport the animals:

If the Map stutter at the beginning, it is because the shader cache must first be trained! You will notice that the jerky is gradually less!

Folk Hill V1.2:
added beetMaster100K
This produces from sugar beets or potatoes beet pulp.
These can be fed in the cattle and pig as silage.
Also takes the composting plant beet pulp. Purchase of beet pulp at
Railway station and the depot. The court accepts BGA beet pulp.
The beet pulp can be stored at the time only in beetMaster!
Slurry manure Purchase removed
Due to the fact that prices fell after a while to zero. For this reason, the composting plant will now also liquid manure.
Implemented Wishing Well
Display grass / hay and silage fixed at feed stores,
is now displayed correctly.
Integrated display Overview back
Works with minor errors now again with the BGAExtension Mod
Reduced price for compost
Compost can be used only with the spreader as fertilizer
(Consumption Miststreuer was too high)
Several minor changes
!! It should be a new Score begun !!
The acquisition of an old saved game at your own risk!
Please replace with the enclosed Map all existing mods!

Folk Hill V1.1:
Small BGA added at the court
(Both BGAs run independently with the BGA Extension Mod!)
Display Overview away
(Does not work with the BGA Extension Mod, there were errors!)
Added Digital Displays
Racks for front loader tools and smaller cutters at the court added.
Corrected compost price down
Silage silos capacity changed:
Hof: The 250,000 - 1,000,000 per BGA
Hall composting plant changed - more room to maneuver
Inserted gold coins incl. Wishing Well
Kärcher inserted at the Basin
Sugar factory now has barriers
Slightly reduced broiler, was too high
Several minor changes

A thanks to JoPim and Sandrone !!
!! It must be started a new Score !!

As compensation for the new Score gold coins are now spread across the map, so you can then increase slightly, inventories, if you then all you found! In addition, now the Kärcher is already at game start on Laundry.

What has changed everything?

Mainly the courtyard was changed. The cows are now on the farm, fattening systems of cattle, pigs and chickens are located close to the farm.
The milk may be sold manually at the dairy.
There is now a factory where your lime, seed and fertilizer can buy. The price is about half lower than normal. Am Hof ​​is a camp where you then the purchased seed, fertilizer, lime and also dressed seed can store. Also you can also buy lime, fertilizer and seed in stock, but the normal price.
For transporting the standard trailer can be used!

There is also a sugar factory, there Post your sugar selling at a good price. There is also a possibility to fill the fertilizer spreader with lime.

The Seedmaster 2K15 there, as well as the WoolpallettCollector.
The haze in the sky disappears 09.00 clock, so that you can clearly has everything in mind.

When the cows is the beet cutter, this turns beet and potatoes mixed feed, which is discharged automatically gradually in the feeding trough.
There are 10,000 liters per hour produced.

The mast systems for cattle and pigs is the mixing station. Function should be known.

Manure and slurry can be stored on the farm, if the warehouses are full of the animals.
Compost can be produced in the composting plant, it can all fruits and even manure, grass, manure, beet pulp, hay and straw are used for the production. Also compost can again be filled! It produces 25,000 liters per hour.

The compost can then be processed with any fertilizer and manure spreader on the field as fertilizer.
One can make money at the sales points to the compost as well. Compost can be stored on the farm.

There are only a digital display on manure storage. All stocks can be viewed on the display Overview to open with F9!

Clover and alfalfa are installed as a catch crop for green manure mod, also is the map ready for ChoppedStraw and the slurry manure lime Mod.

In the old cow pasture a small forest has arisen here, the forester can make some money with you,
by making the wood in the nearby wood purchase for money.

The trigger at wood purchase was increased, so you do not have to unload only the wood.
In the BGA, a shelter has been added, the hopper as usual sunk in the ground. It can be unloaded directly from a trailer! The BGA takes silage and wood chips!

All animals in order to increase productivity, to be supplied with water.
The normal chickens additionally with wheat.

Forgotten Plants Fruit textures included: wheat, barley, corn and potatoes.
Textures of Gene Borg: slurry, manure, lime, sunflower, clover and alfalfa.

So, I just hope that I have forgotten nothing important.
The Unkrautmod I first omitted, comes when required possibly later.

Be sure all the accompanying Map mods in the mod folder copy,
otherwise all functions can not be used. The mods were specially adapted for this map !!!

Please remove all other maps from the mod folder, so there will be no avoidable mistakes!

The file has to be unpacked after downloading!

A special thanks to all testers !!!


RC-Devil: fertilizer factory / warehouse, compost texture Marhu: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband, Pruning, Woolpalettcollector Marhu u Mannie313:. Pole plants GMK Mod Marhu Funky: Beet cutter Marhu, white: Seed2Fix Andy1978 and Marhu: Seedmaster Farmer_Andy: composting plant, manure storage, beet Schnitzler and broiler upsidedown: Multifruid Mod, Unkrautmod Zatoxx: manure sale 1LS12: shelter Mariodiek: conveyor wood chips, Warehouse webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw Lars: Regal ZeFir_POLAND: soil texture Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape texture V1.0, fruit textures Leos50: conveyors Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster: Digital display bgo1973: clover alfalfa Eisbearg: skeleton eggs Inerti: DustMod Blacky_BPG and Happy Looser: display Overview Gene Borg: textures: slurry manure lime - sunflower, clover alfalfa EL Cid: sugar factory Joerg_B: Great Hall Typhoon: BGA for small Businesses Should I forgot someone necessarily an info to me !!


Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15 Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15 Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15 Volkshill Map v1.4 Multifrucht for FS 15



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    To downlaod and play this game in your browser is may be the best way for u this way is helping you to undersand all he work and may be these things are showing us many detail about the reviews working. Hope you understand what i am trying to tell you.


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